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Professional grade materials and techniques

Each kit includes all the materials you will need to complete a strong and seamless repair. These are the exact materials and techniques that we use on the job everyday.

Cost Effective

Our kits are designed to handle big damage to your tub or shower. One kit can handle multiple repairs. Depending on how large each repair is, our kits come with enough products to be used on multiple repairs. This is great for contractors with multiple repairs to make. Many times you can get 2, 3, or more repairs out of one kit if needed. Contact us if you want some advice on your project and how far one kit will go.

Easy To Follow Videos and Instructions

Our detailed instructions along with our step by step videos make completing your project a breeze.

First Class Customer Support

Over and over again our customers complement our customer support team. Whether you have a question about your project or need help with an order, our in-house customer service team of tub repair professionals will take care of you. We are on call 24/7 and if we don't answer your call or email we will call you back soon!

Not All Damage Is The Same

After repairing 1,000s of tubs we have narrowed practically all damage into 3 categories.

  • Level 1 - Ultimate Chip Kit - This is for cosmetic damage from small chips and holes the size of your pinky to large damage to the gel coat of your tub. Not meant to bridge large holes but is perfect to fixe a lot of surface damage.

  • Level 2 - Large Wall Repair - This is for large damage on the wall of your tub. Not meant to be weight bearing or to repair floor cracks. This kit can easily handle baseball size holes in the wall of your shower.

  • Level 3 - Floor Crack Repair - This is for floor damage that will be weight bearing. This kit is designed to add support and to create a durable repair over the top. If you don't add the support it will likely fail. No other kits add support.

Save your Tub ... Save your Money ... Save your Equity

Our tub repair kits are designed using the same professional grade materials and techniques we have used for years. The process is simple to follow and customer support is conducted in house with tub repair professionals who do this everyday. All the materials you need are in the kit.

Our goal is to save your broken tub, which we believe will save our customers an average of over $5,000. Our kits don't just fix the damage they make it look like it was never there.

People of all skill levels have completed our kits with great results! You can too! Most projects take between 1 - 3 hours of working time to install. That equals roughly $1,500 per hour in savings in money and equity.

If you have any questions about your project? Don't hesitate to reach out! We want to save you a ton of money!

Floor Crack Repair Kit

This repair kit is the mother of all repair kits. It is designed to add the needed support under your tub with our firm support foam, as well as create a strong, beautiful repair over the top. If you have a crack in your floor and you don't fix it right, then the repair will not hold and the crack will get larger and it will be even tougher to repair in the future. Do it right the first time.


This kit will tackle the critical cosmetic damage other kits won't touch and it will make the repair look good. This is for larger holes and cracks in the wall of your tub or shower. This kit is recommended for repairing holes larger than a quarter or cracks through the fiberglass. It will handle baseball size holes in the wall or cracks that are roughly 12" long!

Ultimate Chip Repair Kit

This isn't your average 2 part epoxy chip kit that you can get anywhere. Those kits rarely match the color and only work for tiny damage. This kit will tackle nearly any size chipping to your fiberglass, acrylic, or porcelain coated tub. This kit is great for holes smaller than a quarter, spiderweb cracking, chipped bullnose, or any surface level damage that still has a firm backing.

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