Business in a Box

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Be the first in your market.

  1. Come to class for 3 days. 

  2. Learn our systems and get the tools & materials. 

  3. Go home and build the business.

You may be asking how much?

One payment of $6,500.

I will set you up with all the equipment and product you need. You will have enough material to complete over 100 repairs. I will show my business system that works well in Springfield, MO, a mid-size market and I believe it will work in many other markets too. This generates a simple extra income that can build into a full blown business. This is also a great addition for handymen, maintenance workers, rental owners, hotels, plumbing companies, construction companies, fire fighters, police, EMTs, semi-retired, college kids, high-school diplomas, homeless, hard-working, honest, hungry people.

You don't have to quit your job while you build your business just work an extra day or two for a while.  It is common to average between $750 - $1,500 per week of extra income through 2 days of work.  That will return your initial investment back in a matter of weeks. 

I believe this is a gem of a business and believe it can help a lot of people. I am invested in your success. I am here to help you as you get started and will be here to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Together we can extend the average life of a tub and save people a ton of money.


Clayton Cooper - Owner

877-234-9882 or